Marisa, James, and Baby?

Marisa and James are having a baby girl in early November.  They’re not revealing the name, but gave me a couple of hints and I’ve been working away trying to figure out what this baby’s name is!  Marisa wasn’t too sure about having maternity pictures taken.  However, when she realized how great she was feeling and how good she looks she decided she had to capture this time in her life.  And she does look great, doesn’t she?

James is Australian and I could just listen to him talk for hours.  And, who knew that Australian’s were such gentlemen?  He took great care of not only Marisa, but me during our shoot helping me with all my equipment.  This baby sure does have a great daddy.   I bet she’s going to be a daddy’s girl for sure!

When I told Marisa that I’m a November birthday as well she asked cautiously, “Oh, so you’re a Scorpio too?”.  Marisa is a little worried about her daughter being a Scorpio.  She’s heard bad things about us Scorpios.  Hard headed?  Stubborn?  Feisty?  Yes.  I think all those things are true of me and most Scorpios that I know.  But, we’re also loyal, driven, and passionate.  Not bad qualities for your daughter to have!

I’m so excited to welcome another Scorpio into the world in just a few short weeks!  Can’t wait to meet her… and find out her name!  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_8089copy copy

IMG_8140copy copy

IMG_8164copy copy

IMG_8202copy copy

IMG_8273copy copy

IMG_8290copy copy

IMG_8345copy copy

IMG_8367copy copy

IMG_8444copy copy

IMG_8466copy copy

IMG_8510copy copy

IMG_8672copy copy

IMG_8822copy copy

IMG_8930copy copy

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4 Responses to Marisa, James, and Baby?

  1. So beautiful! Congrats to the new parents-to-be!

  2. Meghan says:

    She is so beautiful! Stunning pictures as always Drew. :)

  3. I want her hair. She’s so beautiful (and so is the daddy-to-be too). What awesome and fun photos!

  4. kim (scorpio as well!!) says:

    The photos are beautiful — ALL of them! And she looks GORGEOUS! Congrats to all!

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