Mackenzie – 6ish Months

If you come to my studio for a shoot your kids might just leave begging you for chickens and rabbits.  And I will also probably make your child take a picture with my chickens.  Because who doesn’t want a picture with chickens?  They have been a hit with the preschool crowd, let me tell you!  I would probably make your child take a picture with my rabbits too, but they are kind of mean.

Thankfully for this shoot I had my favorite chicken wrangler here.  Brayden was still home on Summer break and he was the best assistant ever.  Would it be weird if he quit school and became my full time assistant?  He got the best smiles out of Lexi (see the Minnie ear pics).  I guess he’s had some practice helping with his little sister. And the best part is that I can pay him in Starbursts!

This shoot was for Mackenzie’s six month pictures, but it turned into more of a Vancura sister shoot.  Because who can resist taking pictures of both sweet girls together?  Mackenzie is all about her big sister.  Lexi… not so much.  She’s still warming up to the idea of no longer being an only child.  After her sister pulled her hair we moved onto another shot.  I asked Lex to whisper a secret in her little sister’s ear.  Her not so quiet secret was “I don’t like you”.  Ha!  You can bet her parent’s will never let her live that one down :)

And I’m so happy their beautiful mama, Erin got in some of the shots as well.  I’ll say it again, 6 months is my most FAVORITE age to shoot.  Every mama should have pictures with their kids at this age.

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2 Responses to Mackenzie – 6ish Months

  1. Bobbie says:

    These are stunning!!!

  2. Jen Williams says:

    These are great!!! I love that the chickens are becoming a thing.

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