Little Lexi

Erin and Mike just might win the prize for cutest parents ever.  They love their new minivan and were super excited to have an excuse to buy one.  They have Yo Gabba Gabbish songs that they made up for Lexi… complete with choreographed dance moves.  And they are oh, so head over heels in love with their little lady.  They are just so genuinely happy.  You can’t help but be happy when you are with them.  Erin and Mike have done such an amazing job transitioning into parenthood.  Lexi is the cutest and you can tell she feels so safe and loved.  I just love this little family!

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2 Responses to Little Lexi

  1. erin v says:

    DREW!!!!!!!!!!! i cant say thank you enough- for being the sweetest, most patient (for a teething baby), and the BEST photographer ever. I honestly cant get over how amazing these are.we love each and every one of them. And i’m pretty sure they will all be hanging in our house very, very soon. we’re so lucky to have you. so thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  2. Drew & Bev Disney says:

    Beautiful shots of our great niece Lexi !
    Not too shabby of Erin & Mike either. (most Drews’ are very talented !)
    From the Brockville Disney’s….

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