Lexi is One

I have the best job.  Getting to watch all these babies grow up.  Getting to see their personalities grow.  Getting to see their parents learn and grow and become more confident in their new roles.

It’s always bittersweet when one of my Baby’s First Year babies turns one.  I have loved getting to know beautiful little Lexi and her parents.  They are the coolest mini van driving parents ever.  They are so deeply in love with their little lady.  And I love that they seem to always really have fun together as a family.

Happy birthday little Lexi!  I wish you many more years of happy birthdays!

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  1. Sindre Moen says:

    You know those moments when a man actually gets tears in his eyes, only because he sees something that is so sweet and beautiful? These pictures became one of those moments for me :) (I’m soft, I know) *Smile, Laughter & Tears* Gorgeous!

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