Gotta Love March Madness!

Brayden is very excited that he was born in time to see his favorite team play in the NCAA tournament! We’re just getting ready for the UCLA game to start and Brayden wanted to do a little photo shoot in his designer UCLA onsie. It’s from Chip and Pepper.  How fancy!



This is Brayden’s “Whoa! Did you see that dunk by Love? He’s my hero!” face.


This is Brayden’s “My team is tougher than your team” face.


This is the face Brayden will make if we lose (which we won’t!).


And this is Brayden’s “Oh! You’re so funny Mommy!” face.


Go Bruins!!!

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9 Responses to Gotta Love March Madness!

  1. he is so cute with his little UCLA gear! :-)

  2. Paige says:

    What an expressive baby! My favorite is the one if UCLA looses. So cute!!!!

  3. he is so unbelievably cute! that smile with the tongue is priceless.

  4. juliana pessoa says:

    Hi Drew,

    My name is Juliana and Im from Brazil… Very far from you, but since i found your website and blog, i feel just a little bit closer.
    Actually , i really dont remember how i ended up at your website but it was the most rewarding things for me this past weeks… I just completely loved the pictures, the song and that increbile flash slideshow at the beggining (the love things). There are so much happiness in your photos….

    Here in my work, when im stressed out, i just google your site (actually it´s under my favorites), and take a look at the photos… in a matter of seconds, im smiling… My friends cant stand me hearing your sites song over and over again

    I just wish i could hire you to photograph my wedding here in Brazil !!!!!!!!!!

    I will not even talk about this cuttest little thing above here… Congrats for having such a beautiful and cute boy.

    Well .. thats all… just a Hello from your new big admirer… cheering for your life be happier each day thats goes by

  5. Joanna says:

    He is beautiful and I love is baby blues. You must really be enjoying him. Lucky you!

  6. Trista says:

    What a little rascal he is! Pink, chubby version of Chuck without a doubt..but wait..didn’t he get his pinkness from Chuck? ;-)

  7. Omigosh I can’t how fast he is growing!

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