Daniell & Daniel

I first spoke with Daniell last Spring.  Daniell and Daniel were planning their Hawaiian wedding and they were interested in having me do their engagement pictures.  Unfortunately I couldn’t fit them in before their big day.  But, was I surprised when Daniell contacted me last Fall to say she was pregnant!  How could I forget a couple with the names of Daniell and Daniel?  I think it’s so cute how their names are so similar!  Daniell booked me for her maternity and newborn sessions right when she first found out she was pregnant.  Luckily with that much notice I was able to fit them in this time :)

Daniell and Daniel have been together for 5 years and married for 9 months.  The two of them met in Las Vegas of all places while Daniel was celebrating his birthday and Daniell was there on a bachelorette party.  They dated long distance the first year while Daniell lived in Arizona and Daniel lived in LA.  Once they knew it was meant to be Daniell moved out to LA and the rest is history :)

Baby Hannah is set to make her arrival in May and I can’t wait to meet her and take her first pictures!  I’m sure her session will be a little less eventful than the maternity session.  We shouldn’t have any encounters with coyotes or bugs in her nursery :)  Until then, here’s the slideshow!

IMG_9190copy copy

IMG_9267copy copy

IMG_9329copy copy

IMG_9308copy copy

IMG_9359copy copy

IMG_9387copy copy

IMG_9438copy copy

IMG_9475copy copy

IMG_9509copy copy

IMG_9708copy copy

IMG_9742copy copy

IMG_9899copy copy

IMG_9935copy copy

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6 Responses to Daniell & Daniel

  1. Candace says:

    These are so beautiful, Drew!! I love them all, but the 9th one down is just breathtaking.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    She is literally glowing! Such a cute pregnant momma. I love that pink!

  3. Daniell says:

    I love all of them Drew! The pictures are worth all the bugs and coyote’s I can’t wait for the newborn session =)

  4. Amy C says:

    These are just beautiful!!! My best friend is pregnant and I’ll be doing her shots in May. I’m taking them in my grandmother’s pasture and I can’t wait! Fields, trees, creek …… Yay!

  5. Carolyn Conley says:

    Drew, so yummy as usual. LOVE THEM!!!! We MUST run together soon. Hope you are well!

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