Cassandra and Stella

Cassandra is my little sis.  Not my real little sis, but my sorority lil sis (Tri Delts are what?) and I never get to see her because she is a globetrotter and lives in lots of fabulous and fun places.  Currently, her and her husband are living in London.  How fabulous is that?

This shoot was originally a maternity shoot.  Cassandra’s best friends surprised her with the shoot while she was visiting for her shower.  But, due to horrendous weather and tight time constraints we couldn’t make it happen.  I’m kind of happy it got postponed though because I got to meet Miss Stella!  Stella is going to be one well traveled lady.  Cassandra traveled from England by herself with Stella.  That is SO brave!  I was afraid to go to the grocery store by myself with Brayden when he was three months old!

I’m so happy I got to meet my “niece”!  She is already as beautiful as her mom and I’m sure she will be as caring, funny, and intelligent as well!

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  1. Bobbie Brown says:

    Love these! That B&W shot is perfectly sweet!

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