Cara, Anthony, and their Baby Girl

Cara is a super talented makeup artist who works for Carina at Flawless Faces, who is the only person I trust to do my makeup when I have to be in front of the camera.  When Carina told me that Cara wanted me to do her maternity and newborn pictures I was beyond flattered.  Cara works with a lot of super talented photographers and for her to pick me was a total honor!

Cara and Anthony are expecting their first baby, a little girl, at the beginning of December.  I have no doubts that she is going to be so completely loved and that Anthony and Cara are going to be fantastic parents!  I can’t wait to meet her and photograph her newborn session!

And, by the way, it was well over 100 degrees when we shot this session and Cara didn’t complain much.  Anthony and I were complaining quite a bit and I almost passed out.  Cara is a total rock star!



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