Brayden is 3 Months Old!

Well, he was 3 months old this past Monday, but it’s hard to find time to fit in a little photo shoot now that I’m back working. I was really excited because I found this old garage in an alley on a walk last week. The house is going up for auction and will probably be torn down so I wanted to get a shoot in before that happens. I envisioned Brayden in jeans and a tie with no shirt. But, apparently ties are a chocking hazard for babies. Whatever! It would have been cute. I suppose we’ll have to wait until he’s 1 for that.

Okay, onto Brayden. He’s a talking machine! He can say, “Mama, I love you!”, “Daddy, you’re cool!”, and “Hi”. I’m not kidding. He can really say all that. I know. He’s the smartest 3 month old, ever! He’s been squeaking and talking away more and more everyday. He’s graduated to sitting up like a big boy in his stroller and he loves the wind in his hair. Well, not really because his hair has pretty much all fallen out. And I think it’s growing back in brown. He is a really strong boy and he loves to dance, dance, dance! But, his most impressive new talent is that he can fly! I know, impressive, right? He LOVES to fly! He especially loves to fly over to the mirror and see his friend Layden Little who lives in the mirror. That Layden Little sure is cute! Looks a lot like my Brayden!  He’s been a really happy boy for the most part this month and his little personality is really starting to come out.

Here are the many faces of Brayden Bittel at 3 months old!







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17 Responses to Brayden is 3 Months Old!

  1. Kristi says:

    You are so funny :) WOW, he is SUCH a cutie! I’m so jealous on the smiles, I have to WORK on it for G. Apparently I’m not that funny… but I knew that already! So cute though, Drew! Love the flying picture!

  2. that last photo made my heart skip a beat…. :)

  3. Tonya says:

    He is is getting so BIG so FAST! It is always fun watching little ones grow in photos!

    Happy Saturday!


  4. what a cute & happy baby!!! have a blessed weekend drewbie!

  5. Ashley says:

    My nephew is the same age- almost to the day. They’re so cute at that age! Oh and I love the bit about Layden Little. Sounds like a cool kid.

  6. Ashley says:

    I can’t take it anymore. He is too stinkin’ CUTE!

  7. Sarah says:


    I love looking at your blog, I’m a frequent visitor. Brayden is so cute! He is the perfect combination of you and Charlie. I adore the flying picture. Keep up the great work!

    Sarah Gilbertson Riggs

  8. Seeing how you’re selling Brayden to me when I send you a bride in colour ;) I will happily take him! Look at his little tummy! and such a cute little chuckle face!

  9. Christy says:

    I can definitely see where he gets his good looks from…his Auntie Christy! ;) Seriously, Drew–he is so precious and adorable. He gets cuter by the second! We are so lucky to have him in our lives. :)

  10. GMa Mikki says:

    My grandbaby is the cutest baby ever, ever, ever born!

    His parents are perfect, I am so lucky. Mikki

  11. sandie says:

    he is the most adorable baby ever!! I love Brayden!

  12. juliana says:

    Hi Drew,

    Brayden is so cute !!!! You are really blessed to have such a so good looking little man… watch out girls !!!!

    the third and fourth pics are the cuttiest…. the smile is great… makes me wanna squeeze him !!!

  13. Trista Lerit says:

    OMG…he is such a little ham!!! Can’t believe little Mr. Bittle is getting so big!

  14. Kierstie says:

    Check out the boys section on this website… . Under seperates they have the cutest ties for little people!! They say 12mo -2T as well but thought you should check them out anyways…the patterns are so much fun. Tell Melissa I sent you! I love this chair idea. I am trying to find the perfect chair of some sort to use in a similar way! thanks! kierstie~

  15. drewb says:

    Thanks Kierstie! That’s exactly what I’m looking for! You rock!

  16. The second to the last shot is so cute with his great big laughing smile! It’s been fun watching him grow and I love your idea with using the chair in every shoot you do with him.

  17. inga says:

    OMG he’s so cute!!

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