Baby Savion

I met Erica in my daughter’s dance class.  She has two gorgeous and very talented little girls that my daughter instantly became friends with.  Their names are Charlie and Ricki, but Kennedy calls both of them Charliericki.  They always go together :)

When Erica announced to the dance moms she was expecting I was secretly hoping she would ask me to photograph her new baby.  I don’t like to impose my services on any of my friends, but I knew this session would be so full of love.  And it doesn’t hurt that they are a beautiful family as well.

Erica is a former dancer and now a dance teacher and I love that they named their baby boy Savion after the infamous tap dancer Savion Glover.  DeWayne was a Michigan football player and played with the Giants as well.  I LOVE college football so getting to use some of his memorabilia was so much fun for me.  Even if it wasn’t UCLA it was still very cool :)

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  1. Scott La says:

    Such an adorable baby! You did an amazing job with this session!

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