Baby Sadie

As you all know by now, Gina and Joel are one of my most favorite couples… ever.  I just love them to death.  I’ve been lucky enough to photograph their engagement session, wedding, their son’s newborn pictures and last week I photographed their brand new baby girl’s newborn pictures.  Now, some of you may be asking yourself, wasn’t their baby boy just born last year?  Yes, readers, you are correct.  These crazy kids had two babies in less than a year!  Sadie Rose was born on April 22 and Julian celebrated his first birthday on April 24.  Seriously, they are my heros.  They were both so patient and loving with both of the kids and they were going on just a couple of hours of sleep.  They are incredible parents!

Gina and Joel, you know how much I love you two!  It’s been so awesome to document your love from the very beginning and now your beautiful family.  Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!  Here’s your slideshow.

One of the gorgeous family.  Can you believe Gina just had a baby one week ago???

I know this shoot was supposed to be all about Sadie, but Julian is just too cute!  He’s at such a fun age to photograph.

Now onto Baby Sadie.  She was a dream to photograph!  Slept the whole time, unlike another baby in their family ;)

Gina made this canvas for Sadie

I had to recreate one of my most favorite pictures I’ve ever taken.  This one is with Joel and Julian from last year

And this one is with Joel and Sadie

And we couldn’t leave out their first baby… Harper

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7 Responses to Baby Sadie

  1. Briony says:

    what a beautiful family! julian is such a cutie…and sadie is a beautiful baby! i love the mommy pic on the bed, the window pic and the one of the three of them….great job!

  2. Jessica says:

    This is the cutest family ever! Wonderful shoot Drew!

  3. These are so fresh and beautiful! I love that canvas decoration she made!!! So cute.

  4. I loooooove the last one! :) and the one you recreated is amazing, what amazing memories you have been able to capture so perfectly!

  5. Bobbie Brown says:

    Um, okay, so I kept going “oh! I love this one! no…. THIS one is my favorite!” to like every other picture in this post! Drew, these are amazing! I ADORE the one you re-created with Daddy, and this last picture with the dog is so stickin cute! And the one with the sign, well, I am a huge fan of great quotes! Oh, and I must not forget the b&w with Dad, Mom and Sadie….. loooooooove it! I want a picture just like that of me, my hubby and little girl!

  6. Carolyn says:

    Drew B you are amazing!!!! I have been blog stalking you for about a year and I just love and respect your work so much. Thank you for allowing me to peek into your world one snap shot at a time.

  7. Trista says:

    How did I miss this one??? So freaking adorable Drew! They make such a beautiful family!!!

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