Baby Reid

I was closely monitoring Ashley’s progress on Facebook because I was so nervous that Baby Reid was going to be born too early and I wouldn’t be able to shoot his newborn pictures because I was on vacation.  He did end up being born three weeks early, but he stayed in long enough that I was able to shoot his first professional pictures the day after I got back from Hawaii.

Baby Reid is perfect!  But, what else would I expect from Ashley and Tyson?  Reid slept practically the entire time.  He let us put him on top of shelves and even outside in a basinet.  And Ashley is a labor and delivery nurse so having her there to pose Reid was so helpful.  Do you think she would quit her job and come be my assistant?  Wishful thinking!  If only all newborn sessions could be as easy as this one!

I know I’ve said it before, but it is the biggest compliment when my past brides and grooms trust me with the next important stage in their life.  It was so special to capture Ashley and Tyson with their baby boy.  They are already such amazing parents.  I can’t wait to see the little person Reid grows up to be.  He is already so, so, so loved by so many people!  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_1659copy copy

IMG_1703copy copy

IMG_1763copy copy

IMG_1825copy copy

IMG_2039copy copy

IMG_2128copy copy

IMG_2232copy copy

IMG_2260copy copy

IMG_2354copy copy

IMG_2380copy copy

IMG_2397copy copy

IMG_2417copy copy

IMG_2442copy copy

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5 Responses to Baby Reid

  1. jamie says:

    aw! i love it drew!!

  2. Lauren r says:

    Drew, great pics! My favs are the pics of them outside, in front of the old building! Adorable!

  3. Kelly Garvey says:

    GORGEOUS pictures & GORGEOUS family! Great job as always!

  4. Christy says:

    Great shots! Love the crib pix with the chalkboard.

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