Baby Lucas

Already a stud at just a week old… Isn’t Baby Lucas just adorable?  I have a feeling this little guy is going to keep his parents on their toes!

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  1. Abram Weisbrot and Rebecca Stewart says:

    Dearest V Family,

    Abe lured me to the office so I could see the baby’s photos and let me tell you, IT WAS SO WORTH THE DRIVE . . .
    He is absolutely adorable. . . we see both of you in his tiny sweet face. Congratulations!!!!!! We can’t wait to meet Lucas and get to know him.
    We both hope you are adjusting well to parental life and know that while his birth and first few weeks seems like a HUGE accomplishment (and it is) . . you all have so many amazing adventures ahead on this journay of life as the V family. Our love and very best thoughts and wishes are with you always.

    Rebecca ans Abe

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