Baby Hendrix

I absolutely loved getting to know sweet baby Hendrix and his parents.  Hendrix weighed a whopping 9 pounds, 13 ounces when he was born 10 days early!  His Mama, Lara, is teeny tiny.  I have no idea how that big guy fit into her!

He has the most kissable lips I’ve ever seen.

Conor is an awesome lacrosse player.  His tattoo represents his love for water (Poseidon) and lacrosse.

I always love the connection between mom and baby, but it’s extra special when you can really see the bond between dad and baby.  Conor is obviously head over heels in love with is little man.

Hendrix wasn’t necessarily named after Jimmy Hendrix.  But, Lara and Conor love and have a huge appreciation for music.  I had to grab a shot of him in this adorable onesie!

Thanks again to Lara and Conor for spending the afternoon with me!  It was a pleasure getting to know you two!  You both are already amazing parents!

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