Baby Declan

One of my very best friends had her third boy in February.  He was kind enough to wait three days after Brayden’s birthday to be born :)  Now we’re going to be fighting for birthday party weekends for the next few years!

Brayden is right in the middle of Jamie’s two older sons, Aiden and Liam.  He loves to play with them, but he’s not super close with either of them because of their ages.  Jamie found out she was pregnant towards the end of my pregnancy with my daughter, Kennedy.  When kids are young months seem like a long time.  A 6 month old seems way older than a newborn.  But, at some point during Jamie’s pregnancy I realized that Kennedy and Declan would be in the same grade.  6 months seems like such an age difference now, but in a few years it’s not going to be that big of a deal.  In fact, Jamie is 10 months older than I am.  We were in the same grade and started going to school together in second grade.  Kennedy and Declan are only 6 months apart.  It made me so happy to realize we have kids that are the same age :)  Maybe they’ll even get married some day!

Their family session sure is going to be interesting with THREE boys this year!!!

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  1. mary says:

    my FAVE is the b/w with baby smiling. so SWEET. beautiful shoot, drew, and beautiful family!

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