Aubrey & Kailey

I remember (12 very long years ago) when I was graduating from high school.  It was such an exciting time.  I’d been with the same people for 13 years and was ready for a change.  Something new.  Something exciting.  It was a little scary leaving old friends and making new ones.  Leaving childhood and becoming an adult.  But, it was really one of the best times of my life.  So much to look forward to and so much promise lay ahead.

I shot my very first senior session with twins Aubrey and Kailey.  I had so much fun getting to know these two very kind, smart, funny, and beautiful young women.  Hanging out with them brought me back to when I was graduating.  You can see the excitement in their faces and anticipation of what’s to come.  We talked about Prom and graduation luncheons and boyfriends.  Oh, to be young again!

I always wanted a twin sister (I was a Sweet Valley Twins junky when I was little!) or at least a sister.  I love how they are twins, but they are so different.  I had no problem telling them apart.  They did tell me that they switched classes once.   But when Aubrey failed one of Kailey’s tests they decided that switching probably wasn’t a very good idea!

I asked Jo, Aubrey and Kailey’s mom, to join in on some of the pictures.  She’s obviously very close with her girls and is so proud of them.  It was evident in the way she wrote about them in her emails to me.  I can imagine this is such a bittersweet time for her!

Thank you, Aubrey and Kailey, for letting me document this special time in your lives!  I really had a great time with you girls!  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.  I’m sure it’s nothing but great things!  Happy Graduation!  Here’s your slideshow!






















IMG_9892copy copy


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16 Responses to Aubrey & Kailey

  1. andrea says:

    What a fun session!! Beautiful girls & beautiful pictures.

  2. jamie says:

    aw, they are beautiful! congrats on a new beginning for you as well, senoir photos!

  3. Bobbie Brown says:

    Wow! Gorgeous girls and GORGEOUS pictures! I really could not pick a favorite… I tried and failed… too many favorites!

  4. Amy C says:

    love love love them!!!

  5. hong says:

    Bright and beautiful twins. Being young is so good. I admire the two sisters. To me, youth is already just a beautiful dream.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Is it a requirement to be gorgeous in order to book a session with you? LOL All of your clients seem to be so pretty! These girls are gorgeous……and mom too! She looks like she could be a sister.

    Love this location you shoot at! Awesome lighting!

  7. Sandy says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Great shots. I aspire to be just like you when I become a mature photographer!

  8. Tira J says:

    These images are so awesome!!! Love the location and the lighting too. And I love it when parents join senior sessions to you can capture some special moments between parent and child. I just adore your images Drew!!!

  9. Jason says:

    Drew, once again… you are incredible. Aubrey and Kailey are like spiritual daughters to me- I met them almost 7 years ago when they were in 6th grade and have seen them grow into beautiful young ladies that I couldn’t be more proud of. Your pictures are phenomenal. You amaze me Drew!

  10. anne says:

    So beautiful! Love the one with the couch in the field. Beautiful.

  11. Carina says:

    Makeup & Hair by Flawless Faces:)!

  12. Brandi says:

    Fantastic! Absolutely Fantastic!

  13. Kathie Fierro says:

    My favorites are #9 of both of the girls, such a precious picture of them as they lean on each other which I’m sure they have done all their lives and will continue to do. Also #14 of all three of the beautiful Georgianni women – mom and daughters, there is nothing more special than their bond!

  14. beautiful job! 3 very pretty ladies…

  15. Greg says:

    Wow. Spectacular pictures. Such lovely women. Perfect lighting and setting.

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