Then Comes Baby

The Elperin Family

I love photographing the Elperin family because it gives me an excuse to go up to LA and see my old stomping grounds.  And because traffic is always bad I must go and pick up some Diddy Riese as well.  And if you don’t know what Diddy Riese is we can’t be friends.

Speaking of cookies, I love photographing these little cookie monsters.  I’ve been photographing Hannah and Owen since they were newborns.  I so appreciate families who allow me to watch their kids grow.  Sure, I see the pictures on Facebook but I love getting to see them every year or so and capture them as they are right then and there.

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Leslie, Yashaar, and Baby Girl

Maternity sessions are my fav.  And the only thing that makes a maternity session better is when you get to photograph past wedding clients.  It just seems like it all comes full circle.

Leslie and Yashaar are expecting a baby girl in October.  This little girl is going to not only be beautiful, but she is going to be smart as well.  Leslie is going to be an amazing role model for her daughter.  She’s an accomplished author and I love seeing her name on books when I walk through a bookstore.

Yashaar and Leslie met while attending UCI and their first date was in Newport, which is where we shot this session.  They have great memories from here.  Some of which they remember and some which they don’t :) The boardwalk was a bit crowded so we hung out in some of the alleys and found some places away from the crowds and wind.

This session was a gift from Leslie’s best friend, Cassandra.  After the session Leslie told me how nice it was to get dolled up and feel pretty.  Because, let’s admit it, you don’t always feel pretty while carrying another human inside of you.  I hope Leslie’s baby girl is surrounded by great girlfriends like the friends Leslie has.

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The Hanlon Family

I love this family for so many reasons.  But, the main reason is because each time I see them it’s like getting to catch up with old friends.  The last time I saw baby James he was just a few month old and so very pudgy.  Now he’s a full fledged boy with the cutest smile.  I just love his one bottom tooth.  Last year I had a hard time getting smiles out of Leighton.  In fact, the only time she let a little smile slip was when she tooted.  This year we bonded over my (well, not really mine, but my daughter’s) very fancy potty that I carry in the back of the car.  She gave me a lot more smiles, but mostly because she was running away from me and she thought that was hilarious :)

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