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Mr. & Mrs. Kozak

On to my second wedding from my two wedding weekend.  I LOVE Shelley and Dave!  I know, I know.  I say that about all my couples.  But, I really do love them all!  I don’t take on weddings where I don’t want to be their friends and get to know them better.  Maybe that’s why I like shooting weddings so much.  I’m not just at the wedding of clients, but I get to attend the wedding of two new friends!

Anyways, I just adore Shelly and Dave.  They are so easy to photograph and they made photography a priority on their wedding day.  Shelley wasn’t afraid to get her dress a teeny, tiny bit dirty to do their pictures before the ceremony and I think that paid off.

This wedding was another tear jerker.  After two awesome toasts by the best man and maid of honor (where we all learned that Dave once lived with a 70 year old woman with lots of cat and that he read the whole Babysitter’s Club series to learn more about girls when he was younger), Dave got up to give a toast.  He talked about how it was his responsibility to load all of the wedding music onto his ipod that morning.  After he finished he went for a run.  As he was listening to his ipod he got to the song that he and his parents would walk down the aisle to and he started to get excited.  Then he got to the song that Shelley would walk down the aisle to and he starts crying.  And by the time he got to their first dance song he was sitting on the curb crying like a baby.  I look over to the wedding guests and everyone is laughing and crying by this time including me.  It was the best speech I’ve ever heard a groom make.

And that’s why Shelley and Dave are going to make such a great team.  Dave is a little more emotional, while Shelley has a tougher exterior with a heart of gold.  She’s sarcastic and funny (just my kind of girl!).  They are the perfect balance for each other.  You know that these two are going to have fun at whatever they do as long as they are together.

Their wedding was at the Orange County Museum of Art.  One of my favorite wedding venues.  It’s such a blank slate and every wedding that I’ve shot there has been so different!

Shelley and Dave, you two rock!  Thank you for making photography a priority and for being so much fun!  You two have an awesome life ahead of you and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!  Here’s your slideshow!  Enjoy!

Olivia Rice was the amazing make-up artist.  I don’t know how she made Shelley look even more gorgeous than she already is!  If you’re interested in contacting Olivia for your wedding day makeup (which I would highly suggest!) you can email her at curlieblondy@yahoo.com.

And I can’t remember the hair stylists name, but check out Shelley’s hair!  It’s a work of art!

Shelley and her bridesmaids are all from Minnesota so we had to take a picture in a boat!  What’s really funny is Shelley doesn’t have much of an accent, but when she gets around these girls she has a full blown Min-e-so-da accent!

First Look!

These two were so much fun to photograph!  They were so comfortable in front of the camera of if they weren’t comfortable they faked it really well!

Dave works for Volcom and his whole suit was Volcom.  I love it!

These next two shots couldn’t have been done without the help of my awesome second shooter Gabriel Ryan!  It was a total team effort!  These are two of my most favorite pictures I’ve ever taken!

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