Heather, Justin and Baby Charlotte

I shot their engagement session at Disneyland so it was only fitting to shoot their maternity session at California Adventure.  It’s such an honor when past wedding clients ask me to photograph their growing families.  And I just love getting to hang out and catch up.  Heather and Justin’s wedding was almost seven years ago so we had quite a bit of catching up to do!  And we had plenty of walking to do also so there was lots of time!  Congrats Heather and Justin!  So happy for you both!

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Baby Nathan

I’ve had so many newborn boys in the studio lately.  It’s funny how I’ll get several boys and then several girls.  The next little baby I have scheduled is a mystery so we will see if the string of boys continues!

Little Nathan was just the sweetest.  So easy and I love how he loved having his hands up by his face.  And he even already has his own hashtag.  Love it!

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Rachel Senior Session

I think everything happens for a reason and while it is a bummer our original shoot location didn’t work out I think our alternate location wasn’t all that bad.  Rachel is a high school senior from Texas.  She’s hoping to attend college in California next Fall.  She has big dreams of working for the Walt Disney Company after she graduates.  Perhaps making films.  I think it’s very appropriate that when I was editing these images my daughter kept calling Rachel “Ariel”.  Although the beach was not her first choice for a location for her session I do think it was the perfect location because she really does look like a real life Ariel.

Best of luck with graduation, Rachel!  Enjoy every second of this special time!


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