Where were you 7 years ago today?

I was in my apartment in Westwood.  My alarm clock was supposed to go off at 7am, but I woke up a few minutes early and turned it off.  It had been a very dreary and overcast summer in Westwood, but that morning it was bright and sunny.  I remember thinking it was such a beautiful day outside.  I jumped in the shower and as I was getting out my roommate knocked on the door and said, “Drew, something horrible has happened”.  I ran out of the bathroom thinking one of our friends had been in an accident and as she explained what was happening I couldn’t even comprehend it.  Planes flying into buildings.  New York.  DC.  Planes still missing.  Some were supposed to be on their way to LA.  My 5 roommates and I stared at our little TV not knowing what to do.

I got no cell service in my apartment and when I finally reached my Mom all she said was, “Get out of LA, NOW!”.  I offered a ride to any of my roommates who wanted to come, but they opted to stay as most were in summer school and finals were that week.  I threw a few things in a bag and ran to my car.  I had to drive past the Federal Building and LAX and I was so scared.  I looked at the people in the cars next to me and everyone had blank stares on their faces.

I look back at it now and it all seems so dramatic.  Running to my car and fleeing LA.  But on that day no one knew what was going to happen.  It seemed like the world was going to end.  I spent the next couple of weeks at home before school started and it was so crazy not hearing any planes overhead and the only ones we did hear were fighter jets and stealth bombers.  It was such a scary and uncertain time.

Since then I’ve been to NYC twice and have visited the site of the World Trade Center.  As I stood there I looked up and could not even fathom that there had ever been two huge skyscrapers there.  It’s just unimaginable.  That day seems like a lifetime away.  So much has happened since then.  I graduated school, got my dream job, retired from my dream job, got married, started my own business, had a baby.  But, I can think back to that day and all of the feelings come rushing back.  I hope none of us ever have to go through a day like that again.  I hope my Brayden never has to experience anything like that.  I hope the war can end and our troops can come home.  And I hope that one day the world can be a peaceful place without hate where we can understand and embrace each others differences.


PS  The auction for the Nielson family ends tonight at midnight.  I’m pretty bummed that no one has bid.  It’s a great deal!  If you bid now you will be getting the digital negatives from your session for FREE!  And besides that you get to feel good about yourself for helping a family out!  Please email me at drew@drewbphotography with any questions.

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7 Responses to Where were you 7 years ago today?

  1. Alison says:

    It breaks my heart to think about this anniversary and how much but so little has changed in 7 years. Your photos are gorgeous.

    I wish that I could bid on your auction, but I am on the far side of the country from you… You are a kind heart to want to do this for this family.

  2. Bobbie says:

    Wow. 7 years ago already? Yes, I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing and the feelings I had… Girl, I am so sorry (and shocked!) that no one has bidded on Nielson family auction, to bad I am all the way down here in NC!

  3. Margie says:


    I would love to take you up on the photo auction. I’ve read a lot about the Nielson family since they have a lot of connections in Utah. I’ll start the bid at $350 as long as we can plan our session next year after our new baby comes. Thanks for putting forth the effort to help a great cause!

  4. drewb says:

    Woohoo! The bidding has started! Thanks Margie! I’ve moved your comment to the blog post below.

    If you would like to bid please post a comment in the blog post below with anything higher than $355. Remember, the auction ends tonight at midnight Pacific time!

  5. DO you think if I bid I could convince you to come all the way out here?

    It’s odd, I was in bed watching The West Wing (it was almost midnight here)

  6. drewb says:

    Buy me a plane ticket and I’m there! I’ve always wanted to hang out with the kangaroos and eat vegemite and listen to those beautiful Aussie accents :) I could do a mean Australian accent back in the day.

  7. Ryel j says:

    the whole day has been emotional.

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