Happy Birthday to ME and a Fire Update!

Hi Friends!

Thank you for all of the texts and emails concerning the Freeway Complex (which is the stupidest name for a fire!) fire.   We and all of our family and friends are totally fine, but thank you so much for the concern!  

Chuck and I left for Montecito Saturday morning before the fire down here started.  It’s ironic because there was a huge fire in Montecito on Thursday and Friday and the wedding was in jeopardy because of it.  But, they got the all clear on Friday so we headed up.  I got word about the fire down here right before I started shooting, but thought it would be put out fast.  While I was shooting I got several calls, texts, and twitters asking if we were all right so I started to get a little scared that it was getting close to our house.  It would have had to burn through a lot of other houses to get to us, but you  never know.  There were evacuations less than a mile from our house.  I got scared during the wedding that Chuck and my parents were hiding something from me until I got done shooting, but everything was fine.  Our house smells like smoke and there’s tons of ash everywhere, but that’s nothing that we can’t deal with.

Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda were also affected by the fire.  We both grew up in Anaheim Hills and our parents live there and Chuck works in Yorba Linda so this fire was really scary and very close to home.  We went and surveyed the damage and it’s pretty crazy.  Our Christmas Tree lot almost burned down and the local high school was almost lost as well.  One of my friends had to run from her house when the fire was in a neighbors backyard!  She went a whole day not knowing whether her house survived.  But, it did and I’m so thankful that her and her family are okay.  My thoughts go out to everyone that did loose their homes and were affected by the fires.  I’m so sorry.

Other than that I’m 28 today!  We spent a great weekend at Bacara in Santa Barbara.  It was amazing and the weather was phenomenal!  I think today was the first time I’ve ever gone swimming on my birthday.  It was 90 degrees today!  Yeah!  Happy Birthday to me!

Now, back to reality.  Lots of blog posts coming this week.  Stay Tuned!



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13 Responses to Happy Birthday to ME and a Fire Update!

  1. Bobbie Brown says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW!!!!!! Hope it has been wonderful and I hope every single day of the coming year is also wonderful for you!! And I am so glad to hear that you and yours are safe from the fire….

  2. Katy Regnier says:

    Happy birthday!! So glad to hear you and your family are safe and sound!

  3. Kristi says:

    Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday, to you! Glad you had a great day! Happy to hear your house was ok, those fires were incredibly scary. I feel so bad for my neighbors. The Red Cross is definitely on my help list for the future!

    And Bacara looks amazing, I can’t wait to get away at some point too.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I am so glad you are OK… we were thinking about you this weekend and saying our prayers!

  5. Leslie says:

    Happy Birthday to our favorite wedding photographer! I got to show our engagement pictures to someone that hadn’t seen them yet– it was so fun to see how much they liked them! I’m glad your families are all safe- I can’t wait until we’re out of fire danger (Don’t the Santa Ana’s know it’s November?!).

  6. Happy Birthday Drew! (we are exactly 2 weeks apart, mine was the 3rd!) :-)

  7. Jasmine* says:


  8. Ashley says:

    Happy belated birthday! I’m so glad you guys were safe from the fires. It’s been scary around here lately!

  9. Happy (belated) Birthday Drew!!! So glad to hear that you and your loved ones are all safe from those nasty fires! I live in La Habra and it looked like in was snowing for a couple days – and its still so smoky and gross out there! I cant imagine being closer :(

  10. Nikki says:

    So glad you guys and your house are alright! We were thinking of you! xoxo

  11. happy birthday drew! i’m glad you guys are fine. my sis lives close to anaheim hills and they were really worried at one point. she’s ok too thank god! btw… tagged you on my blog!

  12. anne says:

    Happy Birthday! There is NO WAY I could ever go swimming on March Bday up here in the beautiful, yet freezing cold Oregon. :)

    Also – I’m glad your house is fine. I’m sure that is super scary. I feel so bad for the people who lost their homes.

  13. Gina says:

    wow.. we have allot more in common than just christmas lights and the love of photography… My birthday too.. just a tad bit older.. just a tad.. Ha…
    Hope you had a great day Drew… happy many more days to come…

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