Happy Birthday Chuck!

Happy birthday to the best husband, friend, and dad in the world!  I knew my husband was awesome, but this year he has really outdone himself.  He is so selfless and takes care of me, Brayden, and Hauggy.  He’s the reason that I can still fulfill my dream every single day.  He’s the best dad and Brayden Bittel loves him more than anyone.  He’s fun and funny and no one can make that kid laugh more than his daddy.  He still had time to put up ALL of our Christmas lights so we can win 2nd place in our neighborhood’s Christmas light contest (again).  He brings me fountain Cokes everyday so I can make it through the day and will even drive all the way to McDonald’s (because they have the best fountain Coke!).  He gets up with Brayden in the wee hours of the morning so he can watch the Disney channel with him and so I can get a little more sleep because I’m very grumpy if I don’t get my sleep.  He’s puts up with all of my quirks and still loves me even though I lost my brain when Brayden Bittel was born.  Basically, I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

Chuck, thank you for being so awesome.  You know we love you more than anything!  Happy, happy birthday!  May 29 be as good as 28, but with a little more sleep :)  143

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7 Responses to Happy Birthday Chuck!

  1. Jasmine* says:

    Haapy BDay CHUCK!!! :)

  2. Kristi says:

    Aww, Happy Birthday Chuck!

    BTW, Drew – Jack in the Box does the best fountain coke EVER! They put the right amount of ice in there AND their cups are heavy stock material so they don’t leak gross syrup everywhere in the car and other places. You should try it!

  3. Ashley says:

    This is so adorable! Happy birthday Chuck! You always do the cutest things with B. I’m thinking I need a baby so I can post cute pix like this for holidays and special occasions! Ha ha. I love it. Oh, and I’ve heard other people say that McDonald’s coke is the best, so you’re not the only one!

  4. Bobbie Brown says:

    Happy Birthday Chuck!! Cute kid you’ve got there!

  5. very very cute. Happy birthday Chuck
    You are a fantastic wife.

  6. sandie says:

    Happy Birthday Chuck! what a sweet wife and little guy you have to enjoy life with! :)

  7. Trista says:

    Happy Belated B-day Chuck! Sorry for the late b-day wishes…I’m sure you know how crazy it’s been over here!

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