Happy Birthday, Brayden!


Dear Brayden,

2 years ago today, after a very long and painful labor, we met at exactly 3:30pm for the first time.  4 days past due and you had no intentions of coming out so the doctor had to force you out.  When the doctor held you up over the curtain for the first time and your Daddy and I saw you we both cried, but later admitted to each other that we thought you were an albino baby.  Your hair was as white as your skin and you had bright blue eyes.  Regardless, we loved you because you were ours.

2 years ago today you were a stranger.  I could only dream of what your voice would sound like when you said, “Mama”.  I could only imagine what you would look like when you took your first steps.  I could never comprehend how proud I would be every time you learn a new word, when you blew out the candles of your 2nd birthday cake, when you said, “Love Mama” for the first time, and all your other little accomplishments.  I would have never guessed how much joy and happiness you could bring to me.

2 years ago today I wasn’t sure I could do it.  I still have days that I’m not sure I can do it.  But, I hope you know how much I try to be the best mom possible.  I love making you laugh so hard that your face turns red.  I love tickling you so hard that you giggle and say, “No, Mama!  No!”.  I love that I’m the only one who can understand your “Branglish”.  I love that I get just as excited as you (okay, maybe more excited) when we get stuck at a train crossing.  I love getting to discover new things with you.

2 years ago today I knew I loved you, but I could have never imagined how much more I could love you today.  Brayden, I love you so much and am so proud of the boy you are.  I can’t wait to see how much you change and grow over the next year.  But, please don’t grow up too fast.  These past two years have flown by.  I’d just like you to stay my baby for a little bit longer.



IMG_4669copy copy

IMG_4604copy copy

IMG_4784copy copy

And a very happy 1 year anniversary to Mom*tog!!!

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14 Responses to Happy Birthday, Brayden!

  1. Jess says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Christy says:

    Awh! Happy Birthday! Time flies

  3. Andrea says:

    Happy Birthday Brayden. Love the train track pictures. How appropriate for his current love :)

  4. I love the outfit he is wearing on the train tracks and the luggage. So inventive, and unusual. The disappearing lines of the track, the randomness of the cupcake, the vintage look of the luggage, and the jean with the pinstripe jacket, just perfect.

  5. Jill says:

    Lil Brayden man!!! I just love love love him!!!! Such a lil cutie patootie for sure!!! A very very happy happy birthday to your Big Boy Drew!!! Give the “lil guy” some XOXO’s for me!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I wish I could’ve resisted reading this at work. I have tears in my eyes and my co-worker just ask if I was upset! I can relate to every word you wrote, Drew. Our little ones are almost the same age. My daughter, Ella just turned 2 on 12/17. I love the photos, especially the last one……..it is such a genuine smile!

  7. Megan Beth says:

    Love these Drew! Little B is so dapper!

  8. Daryn says:

    Awe, this is heart-warming! And I heart the photos on the train-track. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRAYDON…you’ve got an awesome mommy!

  9. Bobbie Brown says:

    OH my goodness… This post is adorable, but these pictures are INCREDIBLE! Drew, I am sorry, but he does not look like a ‘baby’ in these pictures at all! Maybe it is time for a little brother or sister?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDEN!

  10. Ashley says:

    This is soooo sweet! Happy Birthday B! Almost made me cry. Almost (:

  11. Awww, this is so sweet! My little baby is three and a half months, and I was thinking back to when he was born yesterday… and you expressed those same emotions (probably the same every mom feels) in such beautiful words!

  12. Nicole Wilson says:

    Absolutely in love with the photos of Brayden. You captured such wonderful joy!

  13. Sandy says:

    Awww this is a super sweet letter that Mom wrote to Brayden! It’s funny that she called his language “Branglish”, kids really do have their own little language sometimes! I really love the vintage suitcase props along the train track, it’s a really special way to photograph a baby! And wow, that cupcake is humongous haha!

  14. Jamie says:

    I have been watching your blog since Brayden was born… feels like yesterday to me as well! What a cute guy he has become… and far from an albino ;) Cute two year pics!!!

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