Vanessa & Alan

Vanessa and Alan met at work.  On Vanessa’s first day Alan looked up and saw a beautiful girl walk by.  He thought to himself, “I’m going to marry that girl someday”.  However, Alan didn’t quite have the courage to ask Vanessa out.  Vanessa (with the help of a friend) actually asked him out a few months later.  And the rest is history :)

Vanessa and Alan are getting married this June on their 3 year anniversary!  They are getting married at the Anaheim Hills Golf Course, which is a beautiful place to get married!  I grew up going to the Anaheim Hills Golf Course for cotillion and it will be fun to shoot a wedding there!  Vanessa and Alan are so much fun and so in love!  I can’t wait to be a part of their very special day!  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_0024copy copy

IMG_0077copy copy

IMG_0183copy copy

IMG_0196copy copy

IMG_0362copy copy

IMG_0430copy copy

IMG_0466copy copy

IMG_0514copy copy

IMG_0663copy copy

IMG_0705copy copy

IMG_0800copy copy

IMG_0834copy copy

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5 Responses to Vanessa & Alan

  1. andrea says:

    Love these! Beautiful couple, my fave is the first shot w/ their reflection! So perfect!

  2. Bobbie Brown says:

    I LOVE those last 3!

  3. Tracy Blake says:

    What a gorgeous couple. Love the one on the couch with that beautiful mirror and light. Awesome job, as usual!!

  4. elizabeth says:

    What an amazingly good looking couple. I love the hot pink dress. It just pops against that background.
    The pics are good. Wicked good.

  5. Leslie G. says:

    I love the shoes! I also love to one of her holding him and smiling next to his back. Very sweet!

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