Tara & Daniel

I am beyond excited to share this engagement session with you. Not only did we shoot at one of my favorites places in the whole wide world, but I also got to shoot at a location that means a lot to my couple. And I love to document my couples love stories in places that mean so much to them.

Going to UCLA is like going home. It’s been almost 7 years since I graduated (wow! I feel old!), but when I go there it feels like no time has passed at all. So many awesome memories happened there. I just love everything about that school.

Tara and Daniel feel the same way and that’s why I love them. Not only are Tara and Daniel die hard Bruins, but they are Bruin athletes as well. Tara was on the softball team and Daniel was on the baseball team and that’s where their love story began. Tara has an infectious laugh and even when I would tell her to just do a little smile she couldn’t! She has a gorgeous, big smile that makes me smile too! And Daniel is such a gentleman. I was so impressed by his manners and the way he treated Tara. They both have an amazing energy and it feels like I’ve known them for years. Can you tell I love them?

I had so much fun walking around Westwood and campus with them hearing all about their story. We even got special access to the softball and baseball fields. It was so cool! If I were to do college all over again I would be a softball player because those girls are rad! I can’t wait for their wedding in September! The details are going to be A-MA-ZING! And I got a sneak peek at Tara’s dress yesterday. Um, yeah. It’s just about the most gorgeous gown I’ve ever seen. No joke. But, you’ll just have to wait until September to see it! For now, here is their slideshow! Thanks, Tara and Daniel! Can’t wait for your wedding!!!

We started out at Maloney’s (which is now O’Hara’s or something like that. But, to us it will always be Maloney’s)

Tara’s favorite pear cider. They have a keg coming to their wedding!

Their only class together was in Haines. Go soc majors!

Let me tell you. The girls locker room smelled much better than the boys!

Daniel spent a lot of time on this mound.

Fav pic of the day.

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24 Responses to Tara & Daniel

  1. cute beyond belief! Love the shots featuring the bruins and the one where she’s pouring the draft beer! Great stuff!

  2. GO BRUINS!!!!! I love this… absolutely love this. Her dress is adorable, the ones on the field are so cool and I also love that pear cider.

  3. aaaw. my alma mater. and a soc major no less. brings back good memories and YES it will always be Maloneys to me. cute cute shots. Love that she has heels on the field. love the creativity here.

  4. Christy says:

    Drewwww Bbbb! These shots are so AMAZING! I seriously have chills. I love the one of them kissing on the mound, and in Maloney’s as well! The black and white shots are super creative. I love everything about this shoot! What a great couple!

  5. Jill says:

    I love love love these. Totally awesome Drew!

  6. Trista says:

    Love their story!! They are such a cute couple and you did such a great job capturing their chemistry together!

  7. Bobbie Brown says:

    Um, Drew? Can I just say that you ROCKED this shoot!!!!! WoooooW!

  8. Jasmine* says:

    Cute cute cute! Gotta love a girl who rocks heels on a bball field! :)

  9. Tracy says:

    I love baseball and these are so perfect!!! The one on the ticket booth and the one in the dugout are my favorites. What a cute couple. There wedding will surely be amazing. Great job as usual.

  10. Briony says:

    These are awesome! They are such a beautiful couple!

  11. lroah says:

    Drew – these rock. Go UCLA.

  12. Tracy says:

    These are AMAZING. I think they must be my favorite engagement photos ever. We are huge UCLA fans – and the best thing is that this represents them so well. Great great job…

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I’m in awe. These are amaaazing. Love, love, love them.

  14. Erinn Austin says:

    Wow! Drew! I love love love this entire shoot! It would be BEYOND impossible to pick a favorite image! Great Job! I want to be you when I grow upper!

  15. Chatti says:

    Okay I’m doing the claps. Go Bruins! Drew I didn’t know you went there for undergrad. I was a soc major and had moniors in antrho and women studies. Haines was my favorite building of course. Had nearly ever class in here. I love the photos and going down memory lane!

  16. Annie says:

    What a great set of pics! Amazing job Drew!

  17. ki says:

    I love it~!!! Totally reminded me of our engagement photos, too. What a beautiful couple – i lOve the first shot~!

  18. Kayla says:

    These are smokin’ hot! I love them!

  19. drew, these are so cute! I love how meaningful this whole session is. I LOVE your images! It was so great to meet you yesterday! You’re so so sweet and I hope to chat/hang out again soon! xoxo, caroline

  20. mary says:

    how special! I love how you used the environment for this session! My favorites are in the locker room! amazing images!

  21. ali says:

    love these photos they are wicked awesome. i love the one of them running the bases because Tara has her heels on. Just super cute photos they will love these forever.

  22. denise bovee says:

    love em drew!!! you killed the b&w shots!

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  24. Susan says:

    Gorgeous photos! I went to UCLA too and I agree, it will always be Maloney’s :)

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