Shelley and Dave – Part II

And now for the beach pictures.  We had the best light at the beach I’ve seen in a long time.  And although the tide was high and we couldn’t go to my favorite spot we still got some gorgeous pictures!  Here’s the slideshow!


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6 Responses to Shelley and Dave – Part II

  1. Ki Kim says:

    Gorgeous Pics Drew~!!! Andrew and I are so excited to work with you :)

  2. Megan Beth says:

    Wow those are great. I like the close up one of them looking at each other with the sunset…amazing. as always.

  3. inga says:

    The photos (and your blog) is absolutely gorgeous! They are a very attractive couple! :-)

  4. Hi Drew! That WAS some seriously gorgeous light! These are really fantastic! Great work :-)


  5. denise says:

    oh the whole session is awesome drew! cute couple!!!

  6. love that last shot drew!!! rocked it out!!

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