Shelley and Dave – Part I

Wow, I have so many favorite images from my engagement session with Shelly and Dave that I’m going to do a DrewB Blog first!  I’m going to blog my favorites from their downtown/urban session today and then I’m going to blog their beach session on Thursday!

First of all, I knew Shelley and Dave were awesome.  I knew that from the very first time we met.  But, when they sent me this picture saying, “This is what you have to work with” I knew we were going to have a good time.

Sorry guys.  I had to post it.  It’s too funny!

Unfortunately, they left their snorkel gear at home, but we still had an awesome time.  We got super lucky with their session.  We got to shoot in my favorite laundromat, we found a dirty couch in an alley, and we found a rad car with the license plate “LUV TRIB”.  I mean, really, how much better can it get?

Shelley and Dave are getting married at the Orange County Museum of Art (one of my favorite venues!) in August.  They have family flying in from all across the country so it’s sure to be a fabulous day!

Thanks to Shelley and Dave for being such great sports and hanging out with me in the laundromat, sitting on the nasty couch and in gutters, and for the awesome gift!  That was so thoughtful!  Remember to check back on Thursday for the beach pictures and a slide show!  For now, here are my favorites from Downtown Laguna!


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13 Responses to Shelley and Dave – Part I

  1. Drew, I LOVE these! I love all your work, but I especially love this session. And what an adorable couple!

  2. Isn’t shooting in a laundromat a blast!? :) Great work!

  3. How adorable are they? I just love the 2nd shot and the last shot! (and I want that dress!)

  4. Soupy says:

    hi drew! i came back to listen to the song, and of course look at the pictures! awesome locations, and gorgeous images! you have great poses!

  5. WOW. I love everything you do but THESE….!!! They speak to me. I absolutely love them. I’m jealous that I don’t have awesome pictures like this in my home. Where are you again? Come to TX! :)


  6. Ashley says:

    I love the personality in these images and the laundromat is a great idea. Can’t wait to see the rest! Oh, and seriously, who finds an amazing license plate like that?! That’s awesome!

  7. Paige says:

    Simply Amazing! What a gorgeous couple, you captured them just perfect!

  8. Nikki says:

    those are so great and original!!! love them!

  9. Christy says:

    Drew B- this is another one of my faves. What a cute couple, and I love the shots in the laundry mat! I also LOVE the poses with the old classic car. You are so incredibly talented and creative. Amazing work once again!!!

  10. nicole green says:

    you read my mind with the laundry shots! :) i’ve been searching for a fun one here to do some photos in .. the only potential one is in a scary part of town. yikes! i think i’m going to have to make it work though. i hope my turn out even half of what yours did. they are soooo cute! :)

  11. Some great engagement images here

  12. I just love love this session! Looks like you guys had a blast and got some awesome shots as well!
    -Melissa E Earle * Mee Photos

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