Shelagh & Nic

Shelagh and Nic’s love for one another is magnetic.  You can’t help but smile when you are around them.  It seems as though they have been together forever.  The way they finish each others sentences and their effortless relationship.  But, I was shocked to find out that they have been together for less than a year.  I first met Shelagh when she was a bridesmaid at Nicole and Jeremy’s wedding last August.  Turns out, that wedding was their second date!  They got engaged a couple of months ago and Nic is leaving for military training very soon (he’s going to be a JAG lawyer.  How cool is that?).

It’s been a whirlwind romance, but I completely understand why.  As we were saying our goodbyes at the end of our shoot I turned to Shelagh and told her she had a catch.  Nic is not only handsome, but he is smart, funny, and most importantly a complete and total gentleman.  I’m not sure I’ve met a man (other than my husband, of course) who is so such a gentleman.  Shelagh said, “Now you understand why our relationship moved so fast!”.  I do, Shelagh!  You two are perfect for one another!

We met at The Jonathan Club in Downtown Los Angeles.  Downtown is where Shelagh and Nic both work and spend a lot of time.  And Nic proposed to Shelagh on the rooftop terrace of The Jonathan Club.  It was the perfect setting for their engagement pictures.

Shelagh and Nic, I had an amazing time getting to know you two better!  I know the next 6 months are going to be difficult for you both, but I know it will only make your relationship stronger in the end!  Here’s your slideshow!


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2 Responses to Shelagh & Nic

  1. Marisa David says:

    Beautiful shoot and love the different location. I want my picture taken in a library like that…but with Cat in the Hat and Eloise books all over the ground :)

  2. these are gorgeous! I’m in love with the location!

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