Liz & David

You will remember Liz and David as my models for one of my mentoring sessions a few months back.  Now we did their official engagement session and they rocked it.  They were already professionals and knew exactly what to do.  

This session was so much fun because there was a lot of illegal trespassing.  I was pretty nervous because I don’t like to break the law, but Liz is a lawyer so I told her if we get busted she would have to do all the talking :)  In the end it was totally worth it!

I’m super excited for their wedding in September!  By their third shoot with me they will be beyond professional.  I might just have to pay to shoot them!  

And everyone please leave Liz super nice birthday comments because she turns the big 3-0 on Sunday!  I don’t think she looks a day over 23 :)  

Thanks for the champagne, Liz and David!  That was too thoughtful!  It’s always great hanging out with you too!  Can’t wait for the big day!  Don’t forget to check out the slideshow!

Here’s where the illegal trespassing began!



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12 Responses to Liz & David

  1. i don’t know how you do it. i stalk this blog all the time. these are gorgeous. every single one of them. the light is perfect. the composition is creative but not funky. I may help that the bride looks about 22 (happy birthday). Gorgeous. and congrats to the B&G

  2. I know the place you are referring. Unfortunately we were kicked out. LOL. Good times. Glad to see you got some. Did you look in the barn? He is housing some super sick cars in there. REAL Vintage Cars. When you first walked in his backyard to the left were 3 bays for his restoration work. 8^)

  3. Liz Huynh says:

    OMG!!! Thank you so much, Drew! What a pleasant surprise. We weren’t expecting a post until next week. We had soooo much fun breaking the law with you! You are amaaazing. We are eons beyond pleased with every single one of these shots. The slide show, music…everything…we can’t stop raving! It’s so us! Loves it! Yipeee!!!

  4. Jamie says:

    DREW! You are off the CHARTS!! Seriously, you have always been great but lately MAN YOU ARE ROCKIN IT GIRL!
    another hot one :) (haha that reminds me of randy jackson)

  5. Catharine says:

    Wow, great shots! I love the vibrant, deep colors. Looks like a cool spot as well!

  6. gorgeous couple…such classy photographs!

  7. anne says:

    I like the shot of them on the car. great shoot.

  8. Christy says:

    DrewB, you amaze me more and more each day. These pictures are so GREAT! What a beautiful location and couple as well. Happy birthday to the soon-to-be bride!

  9. Stephanie says:

    I think that is one of my favorite locations I have ever seen you shoot, it ROCKED! (oh and of course your pics were fabulous)

  10. Bobbie Brown says:

    Um, HELLLOOOOOO! This shoot is SO fabulous! All your shoots are awesome, but this one feels… different somehow… love it!

  11. Just popping into your blog from Taras (what fabulous images btw!!). This session is really awesome. I love how you have captured this couple. Great work!!

  12. nicole green says:

    i think the trespassing was sooo worth it. :) the shots in front of the barn are my favorite!

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