Laura & Tim

I shouldn’t like Laura.  Not only did we go to rival high schools, but we also went to rival colleges (she’s a Trojan!).  But, surprisingly, I do like her.  She’s a little quiet and shy at first, but she is a totally sweet girl and you can tell that she is a great friend.

Then I met Tim and I liked Laura even more.  Tim brings out the best in Laura.  I met him for the first time at this session and Laura just glows when she is with him.  And Tim only has eyes for her.  When she talks he looks at her like she’s the only girl in the room.  He not only has so much love for her, but you can tell he has a lot of respect for her as well.  They make a great team.

Tim and Laura met on Myspace (before the good old days of Facebook) through a mutual friend five years ago.  They had their first date at Starbucks.  So,  naturally, we had to go back to where it all started!

I’m so sad that I’m not available to shoot their wedding, but I appreciate Laura and Tim’s understanding.  How sweet they’ve been has made me even more sad that I’m not able to be there.  I know it will be an amazing day!  How could it not be when two people are so in love?  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_8670copy copy

IMG_8630copy copy

IMG_8645copy copy

IMG_8777copy copy

IMG_8814copy copy

IMG_9076copy copy

IMG_9157copy copy

IMG_9175copy copy

IMG_9194copy copy

IMG_9269copycopy copy

IMG_9294copy copy

IMG_9413copy copy

IMG_9424copy copy

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5 Responses to Laura & Tim

  1. andrea says:

    great photos, love the last one. and i love the homage to Starbucks!! So cute!

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you so much Drew! You truly have an amazing gift! It was so fun working with you! We LOVE them all!! :)

  3. absolutely love those photos! I have always wanted beach photos. Too bad we live in the desert. =(

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  5. Kathy says:

    Where is the beach shot with the turret (sp?)? That is fantastic!

    My husband and I also had our first date at starbucks – what a great idea for engagement shots. Maybe we’ll do that for 10 year anniversary shots!!

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