Krista & Erik

I had so much fun shooting with Krista and Erik last Friday! Vespas, boats, and ferris wheels! You can’t really get much more fun then that! Krista and Erik met on the Newport Peninsula. They did (and still do for a few more weeks) live across the street from each other. Erik didn’t have cable so he would come watch TV with Krista and her roommate :) They are getting married in September and it’s sure to be a gorgeous wedding! Even though Krista is a Trojan and a Delta Gamma (what is with all the DG’s? I have 3 DG brides this year!) she is a cool girl and is going to be a stunning bride! Can’t wait! Here’s the slide show!

Erik collects Vespas. Perfect for getting around Newport in the summer!img_4972-copy.jpgimg_5135-copy.jpgCheck out that bling! I LOVE Krista’s ring!img_5213-copy.jpgNeighbors!



So there’s a cool story about this dock. Erik and Krista wanted to shoot at this cool location that I’d never been to before. Look at how picturesque this dock is!


There was a couple down at their boat and I was scared they were going to yell at us and tell us to leave, but they invited us onto their boat to take a few pictures! How cool is that? Thank you so much Carole for allowing us to shoot on your boat and for sharing a little piece of your paradise with us. You’re so lucky to live there! BTW, Carole is also an amazing artist! Check out her website!



Then we headed down to the Fun Zone



Thanks Krista and Erik! See you in September!


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13 Responses to Krista & Erik

  1. Ashley says:

    Who knew there was such an amazing dock right around the corner? I love the concept of this shoot.

  2. sandie says:

    so beautiful and fun DREW! You are hotter than ever, love all the vespa shots! Fun stuff:)

  3. awesome! vespas rock… i wish i could have one!! beautiful couple!

  4. kelly says:

    what a fun & colorful session…i LOVE it!

  5. super fun! i can’t wait to shoot with you again next month… rock on!

  6. Trista says:

    Love these Drew! All the ones with the Vespa are my fav’s…especially number 3!

  7. drewbie these are too much fun!!! love them!!

  8. love those scooter photos(:

  9. love the colors in the 1st shot! Yay for all the DG’s that you are shooting this year…I am a DG too! :-)

  10. drewb says:

    You people are everywhere! Where are all the Tri Delts at??? I know you’re out there!

  11. Oana Hogrefe says:

    What a fun session and such a great variety of gorgeous shots!

  12. AWESOME locations! Love these photos :) What a stylish couple!!


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