5 Responses to Ki Hyun and Andrew

  1. Ki Kim says:

    Thanks Drew! They are the best!!!! You are awesome for taking pics of us at our fav food joint…and introducing me to the library =) We had an amazing time.

  2. Andrew Park says:

    Thanks for spending so much time with us, walking up and down the hills of Berkeley with all your equipment. It was so fun finding random parts of campus that phtographed so well and pushing it to take some good shots and see if we would get kicked out of the library (even though we never did).

    The pictures are all amazing (on the slideshow and the blog) and it was amazing time just flew while we were up there having so much fun. I hope you enjoyed the shoot as well and I look forward to working with you at our wedding. Take care.

  3. Ryel j says:

    So sweet!! Great job capturing this awesome couple. :)

  4. sandie says:

    i love your sneaky library pictures. i’ve always wanted to shoot in a library!

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