Kendra & Alex

You know how little boys hit girls that they like?  Well, Alex has a similar strategy with the ladies.  Except he likes to take his dates on dangerous adventures.  I think he may scare his dates into liking him ;)

For Kendra and Alex’s first date they went kyaking in the waters off of La Jolla.  La Jolla is not necessarily the calmest bay I’ve ever seen.

For their second date they went paragliding.  Yes, paragliding.  And Kendra almost died.  Okay, that’s a bit dramatic.  But, she did have a dramatic crash landing with her instructor.

So when it came time to propose Alex couldn’t just get down on one knee.  Instead he took Kendra out kayaking on the Fourth of July in La Jolla to watch fire works.  It was dark and there were sea lions.  Kendra said she went from being scared to excited and then back to being scared again.  Any guy who is brave enough to kayak in the dark with an engagement ring in his pocket is pretty brave in my book!

For their engagement session we decided to revisit a few of their memorable date spots.  I’m so excited for their November wedding.  I’m just hoping it won’t be quite as adventourous as their first couple of dates were :)

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6 Responses to Kendra & Alex

  1. Leah says:

    These are beautiful! Great job, Drew. Oh, and I love Kendra’s dress!

  2. Lanna says:

    Drew, I LOVE your photography style! You are such an awesome photographer! I was wondering if you could offer any online webinars or videos to buy so we can see how you do your post-processing? I just love how you do your blacks and colors and your skin tones are perfect. Do you use a gray card for skin tones?

  3. Gina Britton says:

    Drew I love these too, as usual…..How do you keep the harsh shadows off their faces in such obvious bright daylight??? Also I too would be interested in a webinar/grey card questions.


  4. Sarah says:

    These pictures are beautiful! I love the last one of them on the beach.

  5. Elena says:

    Beautiful pictures! I absolutely love that last shot!

  6. Bobbie Brown says:

    wow! they sound quite adventurous! Love these pictures, but that last one is just PERFECT! Wowzers! Totally needs to be on a huge canvas in their house :)

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