Karen and Alex

Karen and Alex met at church just before graduating from their respective colleges. Shockingly they dated and fell in love although Alex is a Bruin (yeah!) and Karen is a Trojan (boo!). I don’t know how a Bruin could possibly marry a Trojan :)  But, I seem to have a lot of these couples lately so they must not be that bad!  Good thing Karen’s negative quality (her Trojaness) is outweighed by her positive qualities – beauty, brains, and a great sense of humor! Poor Alex is forced to go many USC football games, though. That’s love!

We had a lot of fun exploring Laguna Beach together and had beautiful weather after it had just rained the day before.  I love shooting in Laguna, but when I was first starting my business I shot there all the time.  It’s hard to not shoot at the same places.  I had a fun time challenging myself to make Laguna look different and find new places to shoot!  I love shooting there this time of year because it’s so beautiful, but we don’t have to deal with the insane amount of people who will flock there in a month or two!

Karen and Alex were referred to me by one of my all time most favorite couples, Ki and Andrew! It will be great to see them at Alex and Karen’s August wedding in Pasadena!

Thanks, Karen and Alex for spending a beautiful afternoon in Laguna with me! I can’t wait for your wedding! Here’s your slideshow!

IMG_3498copy copy

IMG_3592copy copy

IMG_3717copy copy

IMG_3737copy copy

IMG_3778copy copy

IMG_3873copy copy

IMG_3900copy copy

IMG_3974copy copy

IMG_4035copy copy

IMG_4133copy copy

IMG_4192copy copy

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10 Responses to Karen and Alex

  1. Cat Watson says:

    Beautiful! Third one down is my fave:) Your comments about Trojans and Bruins always crack me up! Kinda like my strong, strong dislike for Duke as a Terp:)

  2. Judy Bodden says:

    Cute, cute, cute. Love the last one.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    The last photo is my all time favorite photo that you’ve ever captured……and I always love all of your work. Awesome backlighting…..just perfection! They need to order a huge one of that one.

  4. I shoot in Laguna ALLLLLL the time! & I too find myself going to the SAME spots every time! It’s getting old! lol I think these locations you went to though! Where was this area around? I using meet my clients @ Pearl St.

  5. Candace says:

    Amazingly gorgeous, Drew!! The last one is my favorite, because you captured that moment at the perfect time for the sun to be in that exact spot. Awesome!!!

  6. Bobbie Brown says:

    Oh Drew! These are gorgeous pictures! I really cannot pick a favorite… love them all!

  7. Ki says:

    love lOVe ‘em (meaning them and your photography)

  8. Ki says:

    p.s. thanks for the shout out Drew =)

  9. drewb says:

    You know I love you, Ki!

  10. Shinister says:

    Wow, this dude Drew is a genius, I don’t feel like I want to smack Alex when I see these pictures! Congrats you two…

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