Jennifer & Carlos

Jennifer and Carlos are so cute and perfect for each other!  They were friends for years before they started dating.  The only problem I see in their relationship is that Carlos is a Bruin and Jen is a Trojan!  Gasp!  A Bruin and a Trojan getting married???  Carlos is pretty much a trader ;)  But, I don’t blame him for crossing over to the dark side.  Jen is gorgeous and funny and smart so I guess there are a couple of good Trojans out there :)

I had so much fun on their engagement shoot at the Orange Circle, but we did almost get arrested.  Some guy at Metrolink took his job a little too seriously and wouldn’t even let us take pictures by the train tracks.  However, I felt confident that if the cops did come Carlos and Jen could talk our way out of it because they both work for LAPD.  Unfortunately, they forgot their badges in the car.  That would have been cool if they had their badges :)

I’m super excited for their wedding in Montecito this November!  For now, here are my favorites from their session and the slide show!

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2 Responses to Jennifer & Carlos

  1. Tonya says:

    fun to see some different spots in orange…

    cute couple…AND I am anxious to see the ones from this weekend!



  2. Jamie Mouw says:

    Plaza Muffler is my familys shop :0)
    Awesome pictures

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