Cristina and Mike

It’s always nice when your clients have had some experience in front of the camera before.  Cristina just happens to be the cousin of an awesome Southern California photographer and has been lucky enough to do 2 engagement shoots with her so far.  So a BIG thank you to Denise Bovee for not only referring Cristina and Mike to me, but also for prepping them and making them such great subjects to shoot :)  Love ya, girl!

As I was editing their session tonight I got a sad email from Cristina with word that they may have to postpone their wedding, which is to take place on Labor Day weekend.  Cristina’s dad has been very sick and was supposed to be released from the hospital this week, but suffered some set backs.  I know Cristina wants more than anything for her dad to be there so if we could all send some positive thoughts and prayers (if you’re the praying type) to Cristina and her family.  I just hope that it works out as the best possible situation for all of them.  Cristina and Mike are such a loving, happy couple and I want nothing for the best for them both :)

Below are some of my favorites from their session and their slideshow

IMG_3878copy copy


IMG_3930copy copy


IMG_4160copy copy

IMG_4182copy copy

IMG_4264copy copy

IMG_4286copy copy

IMG_4369copy copy

IMG_4392copy copy

IMG_4463copy copy

IMG_4578copy copy

IMG_4748copy copy

IMG_4825copy copy

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7 Responses to Cristina and Mike

  1. You are so creative…. I so enjoy your images. Your clients always seem so happy and must love working with you!

  2. Diana Rush says:

    I totally believe in the power of prayer, so I’ve already said one for them! And, the pictures are amazing as always!!!

  3. I hope everything goes well with her dad! Sending positive thoughts their way. Beautiful beautiful session! The last one is so gentle, loving and just beautiful!

  4. Bobbie Brown says:

    Ooohhhh, I love these Drew! Especially that one of them laying down… I hope – and pray – that her Dad will have a speedy recovery and be at the wedding.

  5. megan welker says:

    love that sunglare in the last one!! great job drew!! you are awesome!!

  6. denise bovee says:

    love the pics drew! :)

  7. Tim May says:

    I love how you make seemingly innocuous surroundings so beautiful. Well done.

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