Christine and Fernando

It’s always a little scary when you book a client over the phone and have never met them. It’s also extremely embarrassing when you go to meet them for their engagement shoot and sit five feet away from for ten minutes before you realize that they are your clients! They thought I was Asian (they attended a wedding I shot, but thought I was my second shooter) and I thought Christine was brunette (I had no factual reason to believe she was brunette, just thought she was!). I thought they would see me with my cameras, but it turns out they didn’t. I’m glad I went up and asked them :)

Christine and Fernando met after Fernando’s sister introduced them. Christine was the teacher of Fernando’s niece and they met at her birthday party. Christine fell for Fernando right away, but Fernando is a bit shy. It took Christine finally asking him out for them to go on their first date :) And now they are getting married!

This lucky couple is having two weddings! Their first wedding is a small, intimate destination wedding being held in August at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. Christine lived in California for a few years and loves it here and considers herself a California girl at heart (she still hasn’t changed her 714 area code!). Their second wedding is being held in New Jersey a couples of weeks later.

I’m super excited to be apart of their wedding! It’s going to be a lovely day with lots of time to take pictures :) For now, here’s the slideshow!

IMG_2732copy copy

IMG_2821copy copy

IMG_2937copy copy

IMG_2951copy copy

IMG_3084copy copy

IMG_3173copy copy

IMG_3221copy copy

IMG_3246copy copy

IMG_3392copy copy

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3 Responses to Christine and Fernando

  1. Bobbie Brown says:

    Haha! I always worry about that when meeting new clients! These pix are beautiful… love the beach shots!

  2. Alex Berlow says:

    So pretty! Looking forward to the wedding!

  3. Susie Snow says:

    What beautiful pictures… friends look amazing. I am interested in doing some family pictures…

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