April & Patrick

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  About a year ago I was contacted by a potential bride.  We had a great phone consultation and I got an email soon after letting me know the contract was on the way.  Well, a couple of weeks went by and I hadn’t received the contract.  I got an email from another bride inquiring about the same date.  Told my bride (who was a friend of a friend) and she once again said the contract was on it’s way.  Got another inquiry and told the bride I had to have the contract now or else I was giving up her date.  Got an email from her mom asking if she could give me their credit card number.  And two days later (and a month and a half of stringing me along) I got an email from the bride telling me that because of the economy they had to postpone their wedding.  While I was sad for her, I was a annoyed because I had turned away two great potential brides (lesson to all photogs out there, don’t hold dates without a contract and retainer!).

Months go by and not a single inquiry for that date.  And then April and Patrick came along.  April and Patrick are a referral from the amazing Michelle at Details Details.  We had such a great initial consultation I was keeping my fingers crossed that they would book me.  And they did!  See, everything happens for a reason!  Now I get to work with this amazing couple.

When I pulled up to the Mission on the day of their shoot my cars thermometer said 99 degrees!  99 degrees in San Juan Capistrano?  I thought there was supposed to be some sort of ocean breeze!  Both April and Patrick were great sports even though poor Patrick was in a long shirt and pants.  We had to take a water break in between locations because we were all dying of thirst!  Water and a coke never tasted so good!

I’m super excited for their October wedding at the St. Regis!  If they both looked this amazing at their engagement session in 99 degree heat, I can’t even imagine how fantastic they are going to look on their wedding day!  Can’t wait!  For now, here’s the slideshow!

01 copy

03 copy

05 copy

09 copy

14 copy

16 copy

20 copy

21 copy

22 copy

26 copy

27 copy

28 copy

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8 Responses to April & Patrick

  1. Dona says:

    Love your blog and you are not the only one out here bloging on a friday night.. Movie is over and hubby has gone to bed.. time to get last min done… I have a business on internet and recently got paypal payment and four days later bank and paypal put a hold on money… Now I ship our after 24 hrs to make customers happy as I have payment.. How ever heard of oking someones money then stopping it 4 days later… Lucky its not a huge amount but its enough in these time… So I understand what you are talking about.

  2. kelly says:

    your blog is adorable :)

    and i think april looks a little like sandra bullock!

  3. Briony says:

    what an adorable couple. i love the inter-twinded one in the field. so sweet!

  4. Megan Welker says:

    love it!! you rocked it again drew! your images are always so crisp and the lighting is always amazing!!

  5. gorgeous gorgeous back light. so amazing.

  6. Your work is just so so so GOOD!

    Lovin’ the one of them on the old vehicle/tractor! And…the last one.

  7. megan says:

    This couple is so adorable and gorgeous all at the same time! Great job Drew! Love the pics!!!

  8. Bobbie Brown says:

    Wow – gorgeous couple, gorgeous locations and gorgeous photo’s!!

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