Andrea and Dana

Andrea and Dana have been together for four years.  They met after mutual friends introduced them at their favorite breakfast hang out.  Dana says they met before that, but Andrea only remembers meeting him that morning :)  After a few years of dating, a puppy, and a new house together Dana unexpectedly proposed on a trip to Catalina.  I shouldn’t say unexpectedly because they always knew they were going to get married, but Andrea thought he would propose after their house was done being built.  Dana even enlisted the help of two of Andrea’s friends to find out exactly what kind of engagement ring she wanted.  How awesome is that?

I love how Andrea and Dana make each other laugh.  Whether it’s trying to figure out how to fly a kite (you would think it would be easy, right?  Yeah, not so much.  That’s why there are no pictures of kites!  We finally decided it wasn’t windy enough.) or lovingly teasing one another, you can really tell that these two are the best of friends.

Andrea is a girl after my own heart.  Not only does she have a rad name (yes, my real name is Andrea), she also is an aspiring photographer and loves cupcakes.  She was even sweet enough to bring Chuck and I cupcakes and brought Brayden a cookie.  How thoughtful is she?

Andrea and Dana are getting married on December 11, which also happens to be my husband’s birthday!  It’s sure to be a great day!  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_3655copy copy

IMG_3681copy copy

IMG_3736copy copy

IMG_3829copy copy

IMG_3926copy copy

IMG_3947copy copy

IMG_4077copy copy

IMG_4129copy copy

IMG_4316copy copy

IMG_4378copy copy

IMG_4430copy copy

IMG_4494copy copy

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5 Responses to Andrea and Dana

  1. Andrea Brink says:

    Thank you for being so wonderful! You truly are amazing!!! We are in love with all of them!

  2. Alexa says:

    My sister looks so beautiful! Drew you did an amazing job!

  3. Evie Perez says:

    Love the cupcakes Drew!!! Great work as always :)

  4. jamie says:

    love it drew!

  5. Paula says:

    What a romantic setting and the look of love is captured in every shot – great job!

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