Then Comes Marriage

The Moore Family

When Nichole told me they were driving out from Vegas just for this shoot I tried to talk her out of it.  Surely there is a photographer in Las Vegas that would do a great job.  I mean, these are some of my favorite clients, but it’s a lot of pressure!  I’m so happy Nichole didn’t listen to me because I needed this shoot.  I needed to shoot happiness and love and fun.  I needed clients who let me do my thing and trust me completely.  And I just loved getting to hang out with them.  It’s a special connection you have to clients when you have shot their engagement session, wedding, newborn and now the maternity session for their next baby.  Can’t wait to find out if Tucker is getting a baby brother or a baby sister!

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Mackenzie is One


I’m going on just a few hours of sleep so I’m going to keep this brief because I know Erin is excited to see these!  Not only has it been very cool to see Mackenzie grow over the last year, but it’s been awesome to see these sisters bond.  Just a few months ago Lex still wasn’t so sure about her baby sister.  Looks like she realizes Kenzie isn’t going anywhere and has accepted her into their family.  I dare to say that Lex might even like her now :)   Happy birthday, Mackenzie!  You are a lucky girl to have been born into a family with as much love as yours!


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Rhiannon and Eric – Engaged!

I was contacted by the sweetest guy a few days before Christmas asking if I was available to photograph his proposal the day after Christmas.  Typically I’m not available at such short notice.  But, the stars aligned and I happened to have the evening free!  Proposals are SO much fun and just from chatting with Eric for a few minutes I could tell how excited and in love he was with his girlfriend.  He is just the sweetest guy.  Rhiannon is a lucky girl!

The day of the proposal it was windy and a bit chilly, but clear and beautiful.  I spotted the two of them walking along the cliff and let them pass me.  As I rounded the corner Eric was already on one knee!  It was a fast proposal.  I mean, the guy was on a mission.  He was ready and knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Rhiannon.

The moment she realized Eric’s family was watching from a balcony.

We practiced for their engagement pictures while waiting for his family to walk down :)

Calling her mom :)    As we chatted a bit I found out that Rhiannon went to UCI, which is the school I attended before transferring to UCLA.  I figured if she was in the Greek system she was probably a Tri Delt because she’s absolutely gorgeous and so sweet.  Turns out my hunch was right.  Such a small world that we were in the same sorority.  Made it even more fun that we had that in common :)

Congrats, Eric and Rhiannon!  Can’t wait to see wedding pictures and hopefully photograph you all in the future when you start a family!!!

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