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Back to School Minis

Get the school year started out on the right foot with a Back to School Mini Session!  Styled by Julie from Joy’s Hope!

Sessions will be booked every half an hour beginning at 2:30 and ending at 6.  Sessions are for up to two children.  Each additional child is an extra $25.  This session is for school aged children only.  Sorry, no family pictures!

Session fee is due at time of booking.  Please email to book or with any questions.

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Sara’s Day With Drew

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a mentoring session.  The great thing about not shooting weddings anymore is that I have more time to work with other photographers and help them achieve their business dreams.

Sara from Sara Barnes Photography came all the way from North Carolina.  I’m not going to say that having a photographer fly across the country just for a mentoring session with me isn’t intimidating.  It is a little.  But, Sara was so enthusaiastic and so kind.  I couldn’t help but be so excited to help her with her business.

Sara is a mom of two little men and a pharmacist.  And the thing is, she loves her job and has no intention of quitting, but photography is what makes her heart happy.  She decided that if she really wanted to pursue a photography business she wanted to have all of her ducks in a row BEFORE she jumped in.  Which is so, so, so smart.  So many times new photographers will start their business before they understand what it really takes to run a successful and profitable business.  I love that Sara wants to fully educate herself and have everything set up before she takes the plunge into really starting her business.  She’s a smart lady.

After talking business we went out for our shoot.  We were lucky to have this super cute family come up from San Diego to model for us.  Mom is also a photographer!

Thanks so much for coming out, Sara!  I hope you had as much fun as I did!

To learn more about my mentoring sessions, please visit this page.

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Camp Mom*tog

For those of you who do not read my Mom*tog blog I wanted to share this here as well!

CampMomtog4-2 copy

I’ve always said I wouldn’t do a workshop until I could figure out a way to make it my own.  Different, fun, and inspirational.  What better way to make it fun than to pair up with my very good friend Julie Carson from Joy’s Hope?  An intro to photography course plus photography related arts and crafts.  I am SO excited about Camp Mom*tog!

So, what exactly is Camp Mom*tog?  It’s a day camp for moms who want to learn to take control of their cameras and have fun while doing it.  It’s for the moms who want to learn how to tap into their creative side and see master crafter Julie Carson at work.  And it’s for the mom who wants to get away for a couple of hours and focus on herself, make new friends, and be inspired.

Camp will be held on May 18 and we will be meeting at my studio in beautiful Downtown Fullerton, California.  The workshop will last from 12 – 5ish (we will go later if need be) with the photography instruction lasting 2 hours and crafting instruction lasting another 2 hours.  We will have a one hour break in between to eat cupcakes and mingle and ask any questions you may have.  In order to keep Camp Mom*tog small and intimate there will be a maximum of 12 attendees and groups will be broken down to 6 in order to get the one on one attention from each instructor.

The Intro to Photography course is for those moms who own a DSLR camera (the type of camera where you can change the lens) and who want to learn how to take control of their camera and shoot on manual.  I will be explaining aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and how they all relate to one another.  We will be reviewing different types of lighting situations.  And, lastly, we will go out on a photo safari with a couple of real kid models to put what we’ve learned into practice and earn your photography badge.  This photography course is for busy moms who are not planning on starting a photography business, but rather want to learn how to shoot the best images straight from their camera without having to spend lots of time editing.  This course will not cover any Photoshop.

To earn your arts and crafts badge, Julie will be instructing you on a fun photography related project that can either be used as props in your shoots or to display your beautiful pictures in your home.  Julie knows that any good day involves power tools, fabric, and paint, and this day at camp will have you working with all three.  And if you’re scared of glue guns, like I am, she can help you get over that fear!

The cost to register for Camp Mom*tog is $350 and is due in full at registration in order to hold your spot.  If for some reason you are unable to attend camp, you may transfer your spot to another camper.

Are you ready to register?  Click here to register via Paypal.  Once your payment is received you will be sent a registration sheet.

We are so genuinely excited to meet and work with you at camp!


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