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Dylan – 6 Months

Sweet baby Dylan.  6 months and nothing but smiles and happiness.

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Rainbow Mini Session Fundraiser

I had so much fun with all of these fabulous girls at the Rainbow Mini Sessions a couple of weeks ago.  The rainbow makes me happy.  I hate to have to take it down from my studio!  It’s so happy and cheerful that I wanted to do something to bring a little happiness to someone who needs it.  I have several different friends that randomly brought up to me the story of Geneva Gomez over the course of just a few days.  Geneva is a local Yorba Linda girl who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.  Her prognosis is good, but on top of starting chemo and all the other horrible things that come with a cancer diagnosis she has had a rough couple of weeks in the PICU at CHOC.  Each of my friends that told me of Geneva were brought to tears when they spoke of what an amazing family the Gomez family is.  It just feels right to try to bring a little cheer their way.  I’m hosting one more morning of rainbow minis this Sunday, April 3 from 10-1.  Here’s what you get:

- 20 minute session, up to 2 kids (if you have more than 2 let’s talk). Fun for siblings, cousins, or best friends!
- 15 high res digital negatives.
- $250

Session takes place at the DrewB Photography studio in Yorba Linda.

100% of the session fees will be going to the Gomez family.  The rainbow will be retired for a bit after this so it’s your LAST CHANCE!  Please email to book.  And to read more about Geneva and her family you can go to their Caring Bridge site.


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The Johnson Kids

I started photographing this family as a family of 3.  And then they added another girl.  And finally their boy to become a family of 5.  I have loved watching them grow.  Loved seeing all of the kid’s different personalities form.  Loved seeing how their relationships grew.  I love getting to see them every year and getting big hugs from Jayden who I think looks forward to seeing me almost as much as I look forward to seeing her.  I’m still working on Cameron and Landon :) But that is the coolest part of my job.  Forming a bond with these kids and becoming invested in them.  Becoming part of their family memories.  Because as much as I want them to love their pictures I also want them to remember that they had fun while creating those photos.

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