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Baby Luke

When I got pregnant with Kennedy I had to cancel a couple of weddings that were too close to my due date.  It is heartbreaking to have to tell a couple who booked you over a year in advance that you wouldn’t be able to be there for their big day.  One couple (rightfully) didn’t take it too well and never wanted to see me again.  But, Laura and Tim were so very understanding.  They allowed me to still take their engagement pictures and they didn’t hate me which made it so much easier on an emotional pregnant mama.

Fast forward 4 years after their wedding and I was so thrilled that they asked me to take their first baby’s newborn pictures.  It meant so much to me that they would think of me.  And Luke is perfect.  He has the most kissable cheeks. They are the sweetest little family and I was honored to be able to capture the bond they already have.

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The Williams Family

To say I’m behind on blogging is an understatement.  Which seems to always happen this time of year.  Fall for photographers is like an accountants April.  One day I will get caught up!

So I’m just going to jump right in with the Williams family.  Jen is the owner of my very favorite bakery, Beverly’s Best.  I can’t edit these pictures without craving her chocolate chip cookies.  Yum.  We started out the session in the bakery and cooked up some yummy treats. Then we moved outside where we caught the only and very last light of an otherwise dreary day.  Aren’t their outfits amazing?



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