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Tessa is 4

A golden birthday for a golden girl!  Tessa turned 4 on the 4th and she had the golden birthday party for her golden birthday.  I don’t think I’ll ever get all the glitter cleaned up in my studio, but it was totally worth it!

Tessa’s mom happens to be the owner of Beverly’s Best, which happens to be my most favorite bakery in the entire world.  They do all of my kid’s birthday cakes and I am obsessed with their chocolate chip cookies and brownies (the best!).  I don’t think Tessa can fully appreciate how lucky she is to have such creative and beautiful cakes for all of her parties.  But, I do think she appreciates how yummy they are (we had to stop and take a cake break during the shoot).

Happy golden birthday, Tessa!  Thanks for spending a little of your day with me :)

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The Souza Family

I usually avoid the beach like the plague during Summer.  I’m good at Photoshop, but not good enough to edit out the throngs of people.  We got lucky for this session.  Perhaps it was the Great White lurking off the coast.  Or the stingrays that were spotted in shallow water.  Obviously we nixed the pictures in the water that we were planning on doing.  Because a shark bite or stingray attack would have put a damper on our session.

Sharks and stingrays aside, I had so much fun on this shoot.  The most fun I have had in a long time.  The beach is clearly their happy place.  Can’t wait to see what baby #3 is in September.  Oh, and Erin, although you make a beautiful pregnant girl you don’t need to get pregnant again just to book a shoot with me :)

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The Lerdsuwanrut Family

While I still can’t pronounce this family’s last name after several shoots, they are one of my favs.  Such sweet, sweet people.  And the best parents.  It’s been fun to watch them grow since their first maternity shoot.  And now they are welcoming baby number 2!  What will it be?  A boy or a girl?  I say girl.  But, I am almost always wrong!  We shall find out in September!


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