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The Kann Family – Part II

After we spent time at their cottage, we went down to the beach which was less crowded than normal because of the storm.  And we lucked out because the sun started to come out too!

I knew I would love this family when Kim emailed me and told me that her little guy, Dash “was born with the most awesome extra chromosome”.  Awesome, indeed, because he is a cool little dude.  A cool little dude who decided not to nap the day of our shoot, but cool nonetheless.  Nick is so very sweet with his little brother.  It’s a very cool relationship to see.  And although he is that annoying little brother that pulls his big sister’s hair, you can see Stella is smitten with him as well.  I love capturing the relationships of siblings that love each other so much.

I love living somewhere where families come to vacation and I get to meet people from all over the country.  And get to take their pictures.  Lucky girl I am :)


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The Kann Family – Part 1

As I packed up my gear for this shoot I noticed my office getting really dark.  Then I saw a tree out my window start to blow.  Hard.  I hadn’t even checked the weather because, well, we don’t get weather in Summer.  It’s always sunny and hot.  If I would have actually checked the weather I would have seen that there was actually a storm headed our way.  Which is just crazy.  It’s kind of all the Kann family’s fault.  They admitted it.  They were here visiting from Texas, which has had all sorts of crazy weather the last couple of months.  It was actually good they were my clients on this day because any of my California clients would have freaked.  I was kind of freaked.  I saw more lightning on my way down to Laguna then I think I have seen in my whole life in California.

But the bad weather actually worked in our favor.  We had overcast skies which allowed me to shoot wherever I wanted at their cute beach rental.  And then by the time we made it down to the beach the sun started to come out and everyone had left.  It was perfect.

I loved spending time with this sweet family while they were in Laguna on vacation.  Their beach rental was amazing so it was nice to have a little extra time to spend there while we waited for the weather to clear up.  I have so many favorites from this shoot that I’ll have to blog the beach pictures tomorrow.

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The Carpenter Family

I don’t miss being pregnant.  I’ve done my time.  But, I do miss the anticipation.  The wondering who was growing inside of me.  What they would look like.  What would their little voice sound like.

I don’t think there is anything more exciting than those last few weeks before you give birth.  Yes, they are also exhausting and uncomfortable.  But, so very exciting.

Melissa and Andrew are close to welcoming baby number 2.  I shot their son Ryan’s newborn pictures when I was crazy pregnant with my daughter.  Like days away from giving birth.  Which was so stupid looking back on it.  However, I’m glad I did it because I wouldn’t have gotten to work with this super rad family.  Can’t wait to see what this baby is.  What do you think?  Boy or girl?


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