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The Jasper Family

I love photographing kids who are close in age to my kids.  Harper is just a couple of weeks older than my little girl.  In fact, I was asked to photograph her newborn session but knowing I was going to be around 36ish weeks pregnant I had to turn it down.  And it turns out Harper was 10 days late so that was a very, very good decision.

Fast forward nearly 4 years and I finally got to meet this family.  We had plans to spend the afternoon at the beach, but the crazy wind forced us to change our plans last minute.  Thankfully I remembered a beautiful park nearby that had beautiful light.  We could have spent all afternoon talking.  We talked more than Harper appreciated :)   It’s fun to have such a connection with people that you’ve never even met before that you could just talk for hours and hours!

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The Lavery Family

This. This is my absolute favorite type of session to shoot. When a client welcomes me into their home to capture the perfectly imperfect. When they let their kids run around in their diapers and make messes and have FUN while doing it. When they dance with their kids in the kitchen and we play and read books. This. This is the type of session that makes my heart happy.

Thanks Rebecca and Duncan for inviting me into your home. I can’t wait to come back and see these images up on your walls :)

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The Dunn Family At Disneyland

As I waited outside the entrance to Disneyland I kept seeing families of three walk by and I tried to figure out if they were my clients.  Then I spotted the most stylish family walking towards me and I said to myself “Please let this be my clients!  PLEASE let this be my clients!”.  I mean, their outfits.  They really nailed the perfect look for a Disneyland session.  Disneyland is already a fun place to shoot, but add a stylish AND fun family and I have to keep pinching myself.

The Dunn family contacted me about doing a session at Disneyland because every year they do a shoot while on vacation.  How fun is that?  And their son, Heuston, is at the absolute perfect age.  It was HOT and he did a fantastic job.  But, I mean, it really wasn’t a lot of work.  We mostly just went on rides and had a lot of fun!

When working with families I always try and capture what is unique to them and put myself in their shoes.  To anyone else this picture might not mean a whole lot, but Jason is a super talented barber in the Sacramento area.  I love that I caught this little moment making sure Heuston’s hair was just perfect.

Thanks Nicole and Jason for allowing me to capture these memories for you!  I will be calling you to help pick out my outfits for my own next family shoot :)

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