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The Cilderman Family – 10 Years Later


Just like my husband and I, the Cildermans are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year.  10 years and 3 kids later, they wanted to return back to where it all began.  Where they got married.  I love that they wanted to share that special place with their kids.

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Krista, Erik, and Their Babies

I often get asked if I miss photographing weddings.  The answer is no.  I honestly don’t miss it.  What I do miss is the connections I made with my wedding clients.  I loved connecting with them and getting to be their during one of the most important days of their lives.  It’s like an instant bond. And I love the full circle moments.  Seeing them become husband and wife and then a few years later kissing their brand new baby.

Krista and Erik were two of those clients that I connected with.  Their wedding, almost 7 years ago, was one of my favorites.

I ran into them a few times throughout the years and I always loved catching up.  I was ecstatic when I heard they were expecting and when they asked me to photograph their maternity and newborn session.

And you won’t believe it when you look at these pictures, but she’s expecting twins!  Yep.  There are two babies in there.  Which kind of makes me feel bad about myself because my belly was for sure bigger than Krista’s and I for sure only had one baby in my belly.

I can’t wait to find out what they are having and if either of the babies have red hair.  We joke that my redheaded daughter looks more like Krista than me.  Which is fine by me because Krista is absolutely gorgeous.  And I’m sure, red hair or not, these babies will be very, very cute!

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Mommy & Brynnie

We had to take advantage of the few weeks the mustard flowers are in bloom on the hill next to Heather’s house.  We hiked all the way up to the top of the hill and it’s much steeper than it looks from down below.  My calves were very sore the next day.  But, the light, the flowers, the mom and her baby girl.  I love photographing moms and their children.  The days seem long, but the years go by so fast.  To freeze those moments in time and have them forever is what I wish for all moms.  I hope all moms get to see the beauty in their everyday moments with their kids.


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