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The Bengard Family 2014 – Part I

Last year we skipped pictures.  Life was crazy.  I was overwhelmed.  And that’s the great thing about good friends.  They really know when you are overwhelmed and are kind enough to postpone their pictures until after your busiest time of year.  But, then life kept getting in the way and finally 10 months later we were able to get their pictures done.  And I think it all happened for a reason.  It was the perfect location, the perfect weather, the boys are at the perfect ages.  It was all just perfect.  By far one of my most favorite sessions in a long time.  And that’s why I have to break it up into two posts.  Too many favorites!  Here are my favorites from part one.  Jamie, I hope you love them as much as I do.


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Maia is One

I’ve never seen a baby so excited for her cake smash, but not take one bite.  She didn’t even know what she was missing out on! I only wish it was socially acceptable for an adult to do a cake smash.  Because I would be all over it.

Happy birthday, Maia!  I have loved getting to watch you grow this past year!


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The Sheehy Family

Don’t let these Fall colors fool you.  It was 100 degrees when we shot this session.  So very, very hot.  And the girls insisted on wearing their sweater and vests for a few pictures.  Because suffering is totally okay in the name of fashion :)

This family hasn’t had the easiest year.  In fact, there are probably things about this year that they would much rather forget than document.  But, I love that in the midst of their hardships Colleen still wanted to make sure they had pictures to remember it by.  Colleen is a photographer too and while she hasn’t felt like picking up her camera much lately she understands just how important it is to capture this time.  I am so appreciative that she entrusted me to do it for her.  I hope I just got one good shot to go in Audrey’s Hello Kitty frame :)

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