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The Hanlon Family

I love this family for so many reasons.  But, the main reason is because each time I see them it’s like getting to catch up with old friends.  The last time I saw baby James he was just a few month old and so very pudgy.  Now he’s a full fledged boy with the cutest smile.  I just love his one bottom tooth.  Last year I had a hard time getting smiles out of Leighton.  In fact, the only time she let a little smile slip was when she tooted.  This year we bonded over my (well, not really mine, but my daughter’s) very fancy potty that I carry in the back of the car.  She gave me a lot more smiles, but mostly because she was running away from me and she thought that was hilarious :)

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The Campbell Family

Harlow loves blocks, books and snuggling.  She loves dancing to Beatles music, looking out the window, and she’s a Mama’s girl.  She is strong willed, determined, and in a lot of ways your typical toddler.   She also happens to have born with CHARGE Syndrome.  But, CHARGE Syndrome isn’t what defines her.  Her perseverance and determination define her.  Her infectious smile and love for life define her.  Harlow has already defied her doctors expectations.  She is continually setting the bar higher and higher.  And that is thanks to her parents.  In the few hours I spent in their home I could feel the determination of her parents to fight for her.  It seems like they don’t think “if” Harlow can do something, but rather “when” she will do something.  There is no doubt in their minds that Harlow can do whatever she sets her mind to.  And I wholeheartedly agree.

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The Fiamengo Family

This is my first time photographing the entire Fiamengo family since Emma Kate was born.  I photographed them several times as a family of three and it’s fun now to see how the dynamic has changed since Emma Kate is here.  Emma Kate and Caroline are so much like my kids.  Caroline is the rule follower and Emma Kate likes to be the boss like most two year olds :)   I love getting to see Caroline grow and change.  She is a great big sister and smart.  Crazy smart.  Clearly she is a future Bruin, which I know will make her parents happy!

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