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The Johnson Family

How lucky am I to have spent so  many beautiful Fall evenings at the beach with my clients.  This was another 80 degree day in November.  A perfect day to splash in the water.

I haven’t photographed this family since Jayden turned one.  Now there is a new little girl to take pictures of, little Camryn.  She just completes this family.  And I know they are going to be as close as their Mom and Aunt are.

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The Sanchez Family

The last time I photographed this family I just shot the girls and Annalise was just turning one.  This time Monick hired me to shoot the entire family, including baby Dean who is now turning one!  I love that we got the whole family involved!

Monick styled this shoot with pieces from her rental company, Style It Pretty.  I only wish we could have carried the bigger pieces down the big hill!

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The Pallares Family

I like to make my sessions look effortless.  But, the truth is, they aren’t always effortless even when they appear that way.  It’s my hope, though, that when families look back on their sessions that they remember why they want to record this particular time in their lives.  Whether their session was easy or more difficult, it will be worth the effort they put forth to remember these crazy, fun, and hectic times in their lives.  I hope when my clients look back at their images in 5, 10, 50 years that they will be able to feel the weight of their child’s head resting on their chest.  I hope they will be able to remember what holding their tiny hand felt like.  I hope they will be able to hear their small voices.  Because as parents we all know that these moments are so fleeting.

I can’t wait to meet the newest addition to this wonderful family next month.  A little girl.  I bet she will be their favorite Christmas present.

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